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If you are the founder of a vertically focused b2b SaaS company who is looking for the right partner to transition your company to, spend some time learning more about Software Legacy Partners. We believe it should matter who you choose to protect your company and legacy. It might be the most important professional decision you ever make.

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A family fund for operators, backed exclusively by operators.

As a founder, discover why choosing Software Legacy Partners is different than selling to a private equity fund or someone with no tangible work experience. We have decades of company building experience, have generated billions in enterprise value, and believe that should matter to you.

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SLP is a family fund 

Software Legacy Partners was founded by Karl Laughton, the former President and COO of Insightly Inc. Prior to building Insightly, Karl spent nearly a decade investing in b2b SaaS businesses. He intimately understands what it takes to build a durable software company because he has spent his entire career doing it. Karl earned his undergraduate degree in economics and holds certifications in product management, growth marketing, customer experience, and sales. He understands that selling a company that you have spent the formative years of your professional career building is likely one of the hardest decisions that you've ever had to make. Recognizing that, he founded SLP as a fund purpose built to protect the professional legacy of software company founders. He believes that it should matter who you transition your company to and he founded SLP to make this decision easier for you. 

SLP is a family fund. After his tenure at Insightly, Karl took an extended paternity leave to welcome a very special addition to his own family. After enjoying that gift of time, he was encouraged by them to create SLP to help others on a similar journey by applying his track record of success and learnings to nurture and protect another exceptional company. Similar to raising a family, it takes a village to build a business that endures the test of time. SLP was founded on that principle.

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SLP is a village of operators 

Similar to raising a family, we believe that it takes a village to build an enduring software business. Founded on that principle, we were very specific about who we asked to join our fund. SLP is exclusively backed by a group of current and former c-suite executives who have demonstrated track records of building at scale companies.

Our group includes thought leaders in sales, marketing, customer experience, product, engineering, hr, finance, and operations. Collectively we've built at scale teams across all functional disciplines that were integral parts of enduringly successful company outcomes. From startup to IPO, our village has a track record of success, and we believe that should matter. We are collectively focused on applying our experience to the next exceptional company, enabling it to make a lasting impact on the world.

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