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If you are the founder of a vertically focused b2b SaaS company who is looking for the right partner to transition your company to, spend some time learning more about Software Legacy Partners. We believe it should matter who you choose to protect your company and legacy. It might be the most important professional decision you ever make.

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A family fund for operators, backed exclusively by operators.

As a founder, discover why choosing Software Legacy Partners is different than selling to a private equity fund or someone with no tangible work experience. We have decades of company building experience, have generated billions in enterprise value, and believe that should matter to you.

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Discover a Family Fund backed exclusively by company builders.


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Our Mission

We believe it should matter who you choose to protect and continue building your company moving forward. SLP was founded to create enduring value on top of the exceptional company you helped create. Making sure your legacy withstands the test of time is our mission.



The SLP team has decades of private and public company building experience across all functional disciplines. From $0 - $100M+ in ARR, startup to IPO, we believe our track record of operating success should matter.


Unlike PE firms where you become one of many companies in a portfolio after acquisition, at SLP, we only actively manage one. All of our time and resources are invested into creating enduring value on top of your business.  


After a short transition period agreed upon by both parties, there is no requirement to stay actively involved. Feel great about leaving the company in our hands and finally pursue those passions in life that you never had the time for.

Operators Only

SLP is a fund exclusively backed by current and former c-suite executives across all functional disciplines. There are no time based or institutional investors involved. 

People First

We believe the secret to creating enduring value in any business starts and ends with it's people. Priority one for SLP is empowering employees to achieve their full potential.


Unlike some acquirers, SLP believes in value creation through growth, not cost savings. We will apply our track record to your business, accelerating growth at scale.

Who you sell to should matter.

If you're a founder who passionately believes that it should matter who is selected to actively manage your company after you, SLP was purpose built for you. Contact us to see if there's a fit.